Welcome to the LOA (Lower Olefins and Aromatics) REACH Consortium website

This website is intended to provide some general information on the Consortium, its objectives and scope, the substances which were registered in 2010, costs of letters of access for those substances and instructions on how to join any of the JSGs currently managed by the LOA REACH Consortium.

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Brexit and LOA

The LOA REACH Consortium is monitoring Brexit’s potential impact on both registrants of LOA substances in the UK and on registrants outside of the UK who import LOA substances into the UK. It is LOA’s preference to ensure a smooth transition and avoid additional data access fees for companies that already paid LOA for data access in connection with REACH.

However, the relevant arrangements and rules are still unknown. Any changes to LOA’s Terms and Conditions for Data Access will need to be agreed by the LOA Executive Committee once the position is clear. This may include changes to the licensing agreements with third parties and a consideration of the administrative costs that may need to be passed on if revised documentation is required.

LOA will publicise these changes when known

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us through project.officer@loa-reach.com

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