Welcome to the LOA (Lower Olefins and Aromatics) REACH Consortium website

This website is intended to provide some general information on the Consortium, its objectives and scope, the substances which were registered in 2010, costs of letters of access for those substances and instructions on how to join any of the JSGs currently managed by the LOA REACH Consortium.

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Letters of Access

Procedure for Obtaining Letters of Access

Letters of access are held on the LOA REACH JSG Portal, along with information on Sameness, Classification and Labelling, Uses and Exposure and relevant dossier updates. This is a password protected site and is free to access.

The LOA REACH Consortium Substance management and JSG pages can be found here.

If your company pre-registered a substance with ECHA and are a member of a LOA JSG, a username/password will have been sent to the email address entered into REACH IT. If you do not have access or have issue logging in, please contact the LOA JSG manager.

If you need a letter of access but did not pre-register with ECHA we can add you to the JSG for any substance that we manage. Please contact the JSG Manager by email at jsg.manager@loa-reach.com and provide the following information:

The JSG Manager will add your details to the system to create an account for you in the portal.

Letters of access are ordered directly from the JSG portal and the process is conducted entirely online. Once the contract for a letter of access has been raised and submitted you will receive an invoice which you must pay within 14 days of the invoice date. When funds have cleared in to the LOA REACH Consortium bank account, the JSG Manager will release the materials to you for you to download from the Portal.

Please note that the process of obtaining a letter of access usually takes between 1 and 3 weeks to complete.

Letters of Access – Prices

As the registration deadlines for REACH have now passed, the costs of Letters of Access for substance Managed by LOA have been withdrawn. LOA Is committed to ensuring that the dossiers it supports are kept up to date and remain fit for purpose to support all our registrants. This will include the inclusion of new information and data generation where necessary.

At the start of each year LOA will publish the revised Letter of Access costs with a copy on this site. For the moment please contact the JSG Manager: jsg.manager@loa-reach.com

LOA maintains a detailed registrants page (previously SIEF management) on each substance giving more detailed information on specific planning and costs. If you are a registrant and do not have access please contact the Project Officer: project.officer@loa-reach.com

Data Access Agreement

Please note that under the Data Access Agreement, which must be signed before a Letter of Access can be issued, the right to refer to a technical dossier is subject to a series of conditions, including but not limited to, the following:

Affiliates of non-member companies do not have any data access rights unless they have purchased individual access rights. One letter of access must be purchased per substance for each legal entity.

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