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This website is intended to provide some general information on the Consortium, its objectives and scope, the substances which were registered in 2010, costs of letters of access for those substances and instructions on how to join any of the JSGs currently managed by the LOA REACH Consortium.

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LOA Metabolomics Webinar Documents

A collection of documents has been created by LOA to support the webinar titled ‘Utility of Metabolomics to Support Read-Across for UVCB Substances under REACH’ that was held online on 30th November 2021. Use the buttons below to access these documents. A brief description of each document is given below.

  1. Webinar Recording (YouTube) - A complete recording of the webinar.
  2. Webinar Slide Deck, part 1 (pdf)
  3. Webinar Slide Deck, part 2 (pdf)
  4. Webinar Questions and Answers - A complete list of questions asked by participants of the webinar with answers from the webinar speaker panel.
  5. LOA White Paper on The Utility of Metabolomics to Support Read-Across for UVCB Substances under REACH - A white paper produced by the LOA Consortium which summarises the read-across approach and LOA’s interpretation of the utility of metabolomics for UVCB substances under REACH.