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This website is intended to provide some general information on the Consortium, its objectives and scope, the substances which were registered in 2010, costs of letters of access for those substances and instructions on how to join any of the JSGs currently managed by the LOA REACH Consortium.



The following companies are Members of the LOA REACH Consortium...

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Letters of Access

To purchase a LOA Letter of Access, please go to the LOA webshop...

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For a number of streams and UVCB substances, LOA assigned categories...

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Classification and Labelling positions have been agreed...

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Substance Information

Information on Sameness, Classification and Labelling, Uses and Exposure and relevant updates to dossiers are held on Active Steward™...

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Services Team

The services to the LOA REACH Consortium are provided by a networked team assembled by Penman Consulting bvba...

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Contact Details and FAQ

This compilation of questions and answers is an attempt to bring together those most frequently asked of us...

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Brexit and LOA

The LOA REACH Consortium is monitoring Brexit’s potential impact on both registrants of LOA substances in the UK and on registrants outside...

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LOA Metabolomics Webinar

Access the documents related to the LOA webinar ‘Utility of Metabolomics to Support Read-Across for UVCB Substances under REACH’.

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About LOA REACH Consortium

In June 2008, the Lower Olefins and Aromatics REACH Consortium (“LOA REACH Consortium”) was established. Any eligible company that submitted a signed Accession Agreement by 31 December 2009 was able to complete the admission process to join the Consortium. The LOA REACH Consortium remained an open-ended consortium that welcomed applications from EU and non-EU manufacturers and importers of Lower Olefins and Aromatics. Non-EU manufacturers must be represented by an EU-based Only Representative.

Membership of the LOA REACH Consortium is currently open. In August 2021 there are 46 Members.

This diagram shows the structure of the LOA consortium.


The LOA REACH Consortium’s purpose is to assist its Members with their REACH registrations in a cost efficient manner by combining financial and human resources. It also ensures that that the documentation produced continues to be fit for the purpose of supporting Member Companies' REACH registrations.


Major activities


The LOA REACH Consortium has continued to develop the dossiers, with Lead Registrants making regular updates to reflect changes in ECHA Guidance, interpretation of the REACH Regulation, and changes to IT Tools which are mandatory for registrations and their ongoing maintenance.

In 2015 LOA ran surveys to review use patterns and the available analytical data on UVCB streams. These data are being used to inform the next updates of the dossier on the substances managed in LOA. The updating programme (2017) also encompasses the changes in the dossier creation tool (IUCLID) and the exposure assessment tool (Chesar). Registrants are kept updated on developments in the programme via the substance information pages managed by LOA.

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